What temperature should I Put my air conditioner into summer? Tips to Achieve the Great Balance Between Energy Savings and Home Comfort

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Who loves sweltering in the summertime? You want to be comfortable this summer without spending a great deal of money on air conditioning, right? While maintenance tasks like altering the air conditioner filter and hiring a professional to tune up the AC unit really make a difference, something as straightforward as the temperature setting plays a huge part in how much you spend to air condition your house. Follow these suggestions to get the perfect balance between energy savings and house comfort.

What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner in Summer During the Day to Save Money?

When you’re gone during the day, you have the potential to save more if you place the temperature 7° into 10° higher. The DOE estimates that maintaining your house at 85°F for eight hours every day during peak cooling times can save you 5% to 15% on your cooling bills.

Obviously, you won’t want to sit down for long periods of time at 85°F temperatures, and that’s why 78°F is perfect when you return home in the office. At this temperature, you’ll feel completely comfortable should you dress for the season and operate the ceiling fan to make a wind chill effect. When air moves fast over the skin, it makes you feel up to 4° cooler, so meaning a 78°F room with a fan running feels as comfortable as a 74°F space free of airflow.

Finest AC Temperature for Sleeping

Setting your thermostat at night throughout the summer is a bit trickier. If you’re able to sleep soundly in a hot area, Energy Star urges placing the warmth 4° greater than your day setting. However, many people like sleeping in a cool room, which might result in turning down the thermostat instead of up at night.

Opening the windows as you sleep is a fantastic solution if you live in a cool climate. Then, shutting the windows in the morning before it becomes warm traps cool air inside and gives your air conditioner a head start.

The average air conditioning temperature is dependent upon many different factors, such as geographic location, comfort levels, year, and cost of energy. Anywhere between 72° to 78°, F is typically standard. Research in Texas revealed that the version temperature during summertime was between 70° and 75°F. The same was true for the winter months. Nevertheless, this could differ based on energy costs in the area.

Putting your AC with a Programmable Thermostat and Zoning

An automatic setback when you depart each morning stops you from forgetting to turn the temperature up, and automatic recovery 30 minutes until you arrive home lets you enjoy energy savings without sacrificing comfort. Zoning can also be useful for keeping the bedrooms in your house cool at night without heating the entire house. You can also check out air conditioning repair westlake oh

With zoning, you control the temperature in different regions of your house with multiple thermostats. When you zone the bedrooms separated from the living room, you ensure you keep cool and comfortable while keeping your energy bills low. Thermostat settings are not the only things which require attention when preparing your air conditioner for summer, today is also the time to replace the AC filter for more efficient air conditioning.

On the lookout for new ways to save money during the summer? Our summer saving tips can get you through the sweltering heat comfortably and easily!

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