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I’m David Toledo, and I’d like your vote for Seattle City Council District 5.  I am proud to bring my 40 years of experience as a North Seattle resident to this position. 

In 1972, my father Lauriston Toledo completed his tour of duty in the US Navy and moved our family to a home just down the street from North Seattle Community College.  I was a student at Bagley Elementary when the Sonics won the championship in 1979, and went on to attend Jane Addams Middle School and graduate from Ingraham High in 1988.

When I was 10 years old my mother and her friends started a soup kitchen in the Lictonwood apartments on Greenwood Avenue North.  A few years later I saw my mother open a food bank on the front porch of our very own home. Self-funded, and supported only by the occasional volunteer and expired food donations from local grocers.

1988 I graduated High School and began bussing tables at Red Robin Northgate.  Unable to afford college I chose to attend a 12-month Business Occupations program at Job Corps Oregon.  After graduation I returned to Seattle and began a career in the private market that would include retail management, small business ownership, and human resources positions. 

In 1998 while working as a multi-location manager for Kodak I self-funded and launched the Unified Outreach volunteer program to bring much needed volunteer services to elder care centers, homeless shelters, and youth mentoring programs.  I am proud to say that for its first 12 years of existence our program was funded almost entirely by the volunteers themselves; not receiving government grants of any type until 2010.

In 2007 I took a full time job working in the field of low-income public housing with OPEIU 8 (the same year my step-father celebrated 25 years with Local 300).  This position, along with my continued involvement with the Unified Outreach program has allowed me develop strong relationships with a broad spectrum of community, civic, and business leaders.  I can promise to represent the families, citizens and businesses of North Seattle fairly and completely.  I will look at all of the facts and weigh both short and long term effects of my decisions before enacting laws that effect the community that I represent.


CAMPAIGN ISSUES:  The answer is easy; I love this District and all that it represents.  I want to see North Seattle thriving with job growth up and the crime rate down.  I want new businesses to open and flourish; able to provide much needed services without being strangled by unnecessary regulations.  I want local residents to have a shot at good jobs close to their homes by providing incentives for local hiring.  I want a transit system that meets the needs of commuters by examining alternative funding sources.  I want parks and lakes that are clean and whose waters are safe for swimming. I want our clean and swimmable Green Lake back!  We need an educational system that respects parents and that encourages our children to succeed.  And we must protect our most vulnerable by strengthening social service programs for veterans, seniors, and special-needs communities; and by ensuring affordable housing in our area.